4 Ways Gastric Bypass Surgery Helps You Lose Weight


4 Ways Gastric Bypass Surgery Helps You Lose Weight

Gastric bypass surgery can be the most effective form of weight loss surgery. Most people who have a gastric bypass will be able to lose about 60% of their excess weight within a couple of years. The surgery helps you to do this in a number of different ways.

Bypass Surgery to Lose Weight

1. You Won’t Be Able to Eat As Much: The size of your stomach will be reduced during gastric bypass surgery. This means that you will fill up more quickly. You should feel satisfied after a smaller meal and eating too much will make you uncomfortable. This can encourage you to stick to your diet.

2. You Won’t Absorb As Much From Your Food: The gastric bypass can also reduce the calories that you are able to absorb from your food. The procedure shortens the amount of your small intestine that food passes through, which reduces the time that you have to absorb nutrients from it. This can reduce your calorie consumption beyond the reduction in your diet. However, it can also make it more difficult to absorb the nutrients you need, so you will need to be very careful about what you are eating. You will also need to take a dietary supplement to ensure you stay well.

3. You Might Lose Your Sweet Tooth: The changes made to your digestive system during the surgery can make it more difficult for your body to digest sugary foods. If you cheat on your diet and try eating something you shouldn’t, you might start to feel nauseous. This is known as dumping syndrome and it can help you to stay away from foods that are high in sugar.

4. You’ll Get Dietary Advice and Support: The effects of the gastric sleeve surgery itself can help you to keep to your diet, but the support and advice you get at the weight loss clinic can be invaluable too. Having a team of people to guide you can help you to make the right choices. The personalised dietary advice you get before and after surgery can be particularly helpful. It will give you the best chance of success.