Weight-loss results vary from person to person and is not guaranteed after surgery.
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Are You Really Sticking to Your Diet?

Dieting can be hard, even after your treatment at the weight loss clinic in London. Bariatric surgery can reduce your appetite or restrict how much you can eat, but you still need to stick to a strict diet. The support you get before and after the operation can help, by advising you on the right diet and exercise routine. However, the amount of weight that you lose after surgery will depend on how well you follow this plan.


Accidents and Underestimations

If you’re going to keep on track with your weight loss, you need to be very careful about sticking to the diet plan you’ve worked out with the weight loss clinic in London. It is very easy to underestimate how much you are eating or to disregard some of the calories you are taking in. Some of the most common issues that people have while dieting are snacking, forgetting about the calories they’re drinking, and getting their portion sizes wrong. These can all lead to you underestimating what you’re consuming so that you cheat on your diet without even realizing it.

Being Strict With Your Diet

Having a very specific diet plan that tells you exactly what you should be eating, how much of it, and when, can help. It is also important to keep close track of everything that goes in your mouth. Writing down everything you eat or drink during the day can help with this, especially if you can record exactly how much you had, or how many calories it contained. This can help you to spot the places where you’ve missed calories in the past. Making sure your portion sizes are right is also important, particularly if the surgery you’ve had at the weight loss clinic in London depends on restricting the amount you eat. Weighing and measuring your food can be a bit of a chore, but it is the best way to avoid accidentally deviating from your diet. You need to be strict with yourself.

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Weight-loss results vary from person to person and is not guaranteed after surgery.