Weight-loss results vary from person to person and is not guaranteed after surgery.
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Is Obesity Putting Us At Risk of Cancer?

Obesity has been linked to all kinds of health problems, including diabetes and heart disease, but we don’t often think of the effect it might have on cancer.

How to Check Your BMI?

If you’re thinking about losing weight, then you’ll probably have come across the term BMI. What is your BMI and how do you measure it?

Which is the Safest Weight Loss Surgery?

Any kind of weight loss surgery will be a significant medical procedure, but there are differences in the risks. If you’re trying to decide which bariatric procedure is right for you, then one aspect you will need to consider is their safety. it.

What is an Unhealthy Rate of Weight Loss?

Losing weight can have a lot of important health benefits, but it’s important to do it in a healthy way. If your diet is too extreme or doesn’t include all of the essential nutrients your body needs, then it could cause serious problems.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Weight Loss Surgery?

One of the key questions you’ll consider when you’re thinking about weight loss surgery is how much it will cost you to have the operation.

How Will You Lose Weight After Gastric Band Surgery?

Most people who have gastric band surgery can expect to lose about 50% of their excess weight within two years. The gastric band will help, but the correct diet and lifestyle are also essential.

Developing a Healthy Attitude to Food After Weight Loss Surgery

Eating the right way after weight loss surgery is about more than counting calories. You should also aim to develop healthy eating habits and attitudes towards food that will ensure your long term success.

What Will Your Diet Be Like After Gastric Band Surgery?

Gastric band surgery can make it easier to lose weight by restricting the amount of food that fits into your stomach. However, in order to lose weight after the procedure you will need to be very careful about what you eat.

Learn the Simple Tricks to Lose Your Weight After a Gastric Bypass Surgery

Sticking to your diet after gastric bypass surgery is essential for achieving your weight loss goal. Although the surgery can make it easier, you will still need to work hard to lose weight. Any little tricks that help you to avoid temptation and make the right choices can be very valuable.

How Weight Loss Surgery Affects Mental Health?

Losing weight and recovering physically are usually the main priorities after weight loss surgery, but it is important to be aware of your mental health too.

What Causes Obesity?

Obesity is a complex problem that usually has many different causes. Understanding the reasons for obesity should help you to bring your weight under control.

What Are The Health Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

One of the best reasons to have weight loss surgery is that losing your excess weight can be very good for your health. If you are thinking about having gastric sleeve surgery then you should consider the following health benefits that you could experience after the procedure.

The Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Choosing the right type of weight loss surgery is important. If you are considering your options, there are some big advantages to picking the gastric sleeve procedure. Although it isn’t the best choice for everyone, it is worth thinking about why gastric sleeve surgery may be right for you.

Weight Loss with Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy is a weight loss procedure that works by reducing the size of your stomach in order to help you to stick to a healthy diet. If you are considering gastric sleeve surgery, it is important to know what kind of weight loss to expect after the procedure.

Who is Suitable for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery can be very effective for weight loss, but it isn’t right for everybody. It is important to consider whether you are a good candidate for this procedure so you can be sure you are making the right choices for your health.

How to Eat Less Sugar After Weight Loss Surgery?

One of the most important things you need to do in order to lose weight is to eat less sugar. Reducing your sugar intake will help to make your bariatric surgery at the London Obesity Clinic a success.

How to Cook After Your Weight Loss Surgery?

You’ll receive plenty of advice on eating a balanced diet after your bariatric surgery in London, but there are a few extra tips that can help make preparing these nutritious meals a little easier.


How to Stop Emotional Eating

Our emotions are closely linked to the way we behave, so it is no surprise that the way we feel can influence the way that we eat. If you are going to make your treatment at the weight loss clinic in London a success, it is important to identify and address the reasons why you overeat.


How to Take Control of Your Weight

Being overweight can seem like someone beyond your control when you have struggled to beat it in the past. However, you can take back control, whether it is in the kitchen or with the help of your doctor and gastric band surgery.


Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the options available in London for weight loss surgery. There are some good reasons why you might want to pick this procedure, although you should consider all of the options carefully before making your decision.


3 Ways to Prepare for Your Recovery From Weight Loss Surgery

You have a lot to think about when you are preparing for your recovery from weight loss surgery, from the new diet that you will be following to the advice your doctor gives you for looking after your surgical wound. Don’t forget the more practical arrangements you need to make.


3 Steps You Can Take Before You Visit The Weight Loss Clinic

Talking to a doctor at the weight loss clinic in London can enable you to find the right route to your target weight, but there are a few things you might want to try before the first meeting.


3 Tips For Keeping On Track With Your Weight Loss

Keeping motivated is important when you are losing weight. You will receive plenty of support from the weight loss clinic in London after your bariatric surgery, but here are three simple tips that should also help to keep you on track.


The Results Of Gastric Band Surgery

What happens after your gastric band surgery will depend on how well you stick to your diet, but if you follow your doctor’s advice you can expect to see some big improvements. The changes you make to your diet and lifestyle after having the gastric band fitted should have a significant impact on your health and well-being. The band should make it easier for you to follow these recommendations so you should soon begin to see results.


4 Ways Gastric Bypass Surgery Helps You Lose Weight

Gastric bypass surgery can be the most effective form of weight loss surgery. Most people who have a gastric bypass will be able to lose about 60% of their excess weight within a couple of years. The surgery helps you to do this in a number of different ways.

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Weight-loss results vary from person to person and is not guaranteed after surgery.