Weight-loss results vary from person to person and is not guaranteed after surgery.
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Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery


Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the options available in London for weight loss surgery. There are some good reasons why you might want to pick this procedure, although you should consider all of the options carefully before making your decision.



Gastric Sleeve Surgery Can Reduce Your Appetite

The sleeve gastrectomy is the only kind of weight loss surgery that can actually make you less hungry. Like the other options, it will reduce the amount you can eat in one go, by making your stomach smaller. However, it will also reduce your appetite because your stomach will be producing less of the hormones that make you feel hungry.


You Won’t Have Dumping Syndrome

Dumping syndrome is a side effect of some kinds of weight loss surgery that can make it unpleasant for you to eat sugary foods. If you suffer from a sweet tooth, it can actually be a good thing to have dumping syndrome, as it can help you to avoid temptation. However, if avoiding sugar isn’t a problem for you, it can be better to choose a procedure that will enable you to avoid this unpleasant sensation. You won’t usually experience dumping syndrome after a sleeve gastrectomy, so you should still be able to enjoy the occasional slice of birthday cake after reaching your target weight.


Weight Loss Can Be Rapid

Gastric sleeve surgery can produce rapid results. If you stick to your diet after the surgery, you should expect to see significant results in the first year. You should be able to lose about 50-60% of your excess weight within about 18 months, which is much faster than for a gastric band.


No Foreign Objects or Rerouting of Your Digestive System

Although gastric sleeve surgery will have a significant effect on your digestive system, it won’t change the route food takes through your body in the same way as a gastric bypass. The sleeve gastrectomy procedure won’t leave you with anything inserted into your body either, like the gastric band procedure. It is important to choose a bariatric procedure that you feel comfortable with, so you should consider what will be changing inside your body when choosing the surgery that is right for you.

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Weight-loss results vary from person to person and is not guaranteed after surgery.