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Is Obesity a Disease?

Added On: March 11, 2019
By: admin

Obesity isn’t usually considered a disease in the UK, but other counties such as the US and Portugal already treat it as a medical issue rather than a lifestyle choice. The Royal College of Physicians is calling for the same shift in perceptions to happen here.

PCOS and Obesity: is There a Link Between the Two?

Added On: February 19, 2019
By: admin

Obesity can have a big impact on many different aspects of your health, so it’s not surprising that it can affect your menstrual cycle. In fact, menstrual symptoms such as period pain can often be worse when you are overweight. The effects are particularly strong if you have a gynaecological condition such as PCOS.

What is the Success Rate of Bariatric Surgery?

Added On: December 12, 2018
By: admin

One of the most frequently asked questions about bariatric surgery is how successful the procedure is expected to be. Comparing the success rates of different procedures can help you to decide which one is right for you, but it’s important to understand what these figures actually mean. How is the success of a bariatric procedure […]

What Are the Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Added On: October 31, 2018
By: admin

Gastric sleeve surgery can help you to achieve your weight loss goal, but it is a significant surgical procedure that come with some risks. You should expect to experience some side effects after the procedure and you should also be aware of the more serious complications that can happen in rare cases.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Added On: October 5, 2018
By: admin

Gastric sleeve surgery is a significant procedure, so it’s going to take you a while to get back on your feet afterwards. You should plan to take plenty of time to rest and make sure that you have people to support you during your recovery. Read on to learn how long it’s likely to take […]

Tips to Keep the Weight Off

Added On: August 27, 2018
By: admin

If you have worked hard to achieve our target weight, the last thing you want to happen is for your weight to start increasing again. In order to maintain your weight loss, it is essential to see the changes you’ve made as a permanent shift in your lifestyle.

Pregnancy and Contraception Advice After Bariatric Surgery

Added On: July 18, 2018
By: admin

Having bariatric surgery won’t prevent you from having children in the future and losing your excess weight could actually help to improve your fertility. However, it is important to talk to your doctor at the clinic in London if you are thinking about getting pregnant so that you can get personalised advice.

New Study Reveals Long Term Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Added On: July 18, 2018
By: admin

If you are considering gastric bypass surgery then your main concern will probably be the benefits you can expect to experience over the next few years as your weight is reduced. However, the longer term effects of bariatric surgery are also important and a recent study has revealed that they can be very positive. 

Can Dust Make You Fat?

Added On: June 27, 2018
By: admin

Many explanations have been suggested for the rise in obesity. Some of them are simple ideas about what and how we eat that have helped shape the advice given at weight loss clinics, but others are more controversial. One idea that has recently been generating a lot of debate is whether the chemicals that lie […]

Tackling Obesity in the UK

Added On: June 12, 2018
By: admin

Obesity is a very common problem in the UK. Procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery are also becoming more popular as many of us struggle to lose weight without medical help. However, the government is taking steps to try to tackle this widespread problem and help us to live healthier lives.