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Indications for Gastric Band Surgery

Added On: November 10, 2014
By: admin

A gastric band is an effective way to lose as much as 50% of your excess weight. However, if you are contemplating gastric band surgery, it is important that this option for weight loss is right for you. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence, therefore, makes recommendations about the circumstances under which weight loss surgery is appropriate. If you meet the criteria for bariatric surgery, a gastric band is a less invasive option than a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy, offering a shorter hospital stay and recovery period. Although it is essential that you are committed to weight loss before the operation, if a gastric band does not suit you, another advantage is that this bariatric procedure is reversible.

Gastric Band Surgery

Gastric Band Indications

Guidelines on gastric band surgery recommend that you are suitable for the operation in the following circumstances:

  • There are some situations where even if you met the above criteria for gastric banding that it would not be suitable for you. This includes a diagnosis of advanced cancer or cirrhosis of the liver due to your prognosis, or a mental illness such as schizophrenia or substance misuse that would make it difficult to comply with lifestyle changes and follow-up appointments.You have a body mass index (BMI) over 40
  • You have a BMI over 35 and a medical condition that would improve with significant weight loss such as raised blood pressure
  • You are recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and have a BMI over 30, though if you are of South Asian descent an even lower BMI may qualify you
  • You have already tried all non-surgical options, including diet, exercise, and medications, without any significant weight loss over at least a six-month period. However, if your BMI is over 50, gastric band surgery can be considered as a first-line treatment option to aid weight loss.
  • You are committed to attending long-term follow-up
  • You are physically fit enough to undergo an anaesthetic and surgery

If you meet the criteria for a gastric band operation, Mr. Agrawal looks forward to discussing the procedure with you, and he is also happy to talk through the alternatives to gastric banding.