Developing a Healthy Attitude to Food After Weight Loss Surgery


Developing a Healthy Attitude to Food After Weight Loss Surgery

Eating the right way after weight loss surgery is about more than counting calories. You should also aim to develop healthy eating habits and attitudes towards food that will ensure your long term success. Here are some of the top tips for eating well after your bariatric procedure.


Pay Attention to Your Appetite

  • Only eat when you are hungry, not for other reasons such as boredom or habit.

  • Be aware of the way your stomach fills up when you eat and learn to recognise when you are full. Don’t keep eating if you feel full.

  • Learn to distinguish between hunger (needing to eat) and appetite (wanting to taste a particular flavour) so that you can avoid temptation after weight loss surgery.

Appreciate Your Meals

  • Eat slowly so that your stomach has time to recognise that it is filling up and you will feel more satisfied.

  • Stick to set meal times and try to eat at the table with other people. Avoid snacking in between meals or eating in front of the TV as this can cause you to eat thoughtlessly and consume more calories.

  • Savour your food so that you can develop an appreciation of healthy flavours and enjoy even a small meal.

Pick the Right Foods

  • Focus on quality rather than quantity so that you can enjoy your meals without over-eating after your weight loss surgery.

  • Re-train your taste buds so that you can enjoy the flavour of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and other healthy options rather than the fatty, sugary, salty taste of junk food. Focus on the taste and vary your diet so that you don’t get bored..

  • Think about where your food is coming from and how it was produced. For example, choosing seasonal vegetables that were grown locally could give you a new appreciation for these healthy options as they can taste very different to out of season products that have travelled far.

Changing the way that you think about food should help you to enjoy your new healthy diet after weight loss surgery. The right attitude can make losing weight and making long term changes to your lifestyle a little easier. You might even find some of the changes enjoyable as you learn to appreciate new flavours.