How Will You Lose Weight After Gastric Band Surgery?


How Will You Lose Weight After Gastric Band Surgery?

Most people who have gastric band surgery can expect to lose about 50% of their excess weight within two years. The gastric band will help, but the correct diet and lifestyle are also essential.

Lose Weight After Gastric Band Surgery

Getting the Gastric Band Adjusted

The gastric band is unique among weight loss surgeries in that adjustments will need to be made after the procedure in order to achieve the right effect. The gastric band will need to be inflated around 4-6 weeks after the operation. Saline will be pumped into the band through the injection port that has been placed in your abdomen. The gastric band will swell up, creating a smaller pouch at the top of your stomach and restricting the movement of food from this pouch into the rest of your digestive system. Further adjustments may be needed over the following months to ensure you have the correct amount of restriction.

How the Gastric Band Helps

Once the gastric band has been adjusted it will restrict the size of your stomach. When you eat, the food will enter the portion of your stomach that is above the band. Once it fills up this smaller section of your stomach, you will feel full. You should soon learn to recognise this signal that you have eaten enough. You will then feel full and satisfied after the smaller meals that you are eating for your diet.

Changing Your Diet

The gastric band can help you to lose weight by making it easier for you to stick to your diet. However, you will only lose weight if you restrict your calorie consumption and are very careful about what you eat and drink. The gastric band can’t do the hard work for you, so you will need to:

  • Eat small portions at regular mealtimes

  • Check the calories in your meals and avoid eating more than you doctor has advised

  • Avoid sugary, fatty, high calorie food and drink

  • Eat slowly and stop eating when your stomach feels full

In addition to following the right diet, you should also increase the amount of physical activity you do in order to lose weight. With the right diet and lifestyle, you should see good results after your gastric band surgery.