Weight-loss results vary from person to person and is not guaranteed after surgery.
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Lap Band Cost

Also known as a gastric band or laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, a lap band is one of the most affordable surgical options to manage your weight; only the gastric balloon is available at a lower price. During a gastric band operation an inflatable band is fitted around your stomach to reduce its capacity for food, which in turn aids weight loss. The lower cost of lap band surgery reflects that it is a less technical procedure than either a gastric bypass or a sleeve gastrectomy, which require more extensive surgery and as a result more initial aftercare. While the lap band cost does vary from person to person depending on your choice of hospital for treatment and your own requirements, when you consider the cost implications of obesity, it offers an economical choice of treatment.

Comparing Lap Band Cost

Although a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band is cheaper than either a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, this does not mean that you will be disappointed with your results. On average you can expect to lose 50% of your extra weight with a lap band and although this is lower than that achievable with the other two options, with up to 60% attainable with a sleeve gastrectomy and 70% with a gastric bypass, this is still highly significant and will make a marked difference to your health and well-being. Even though the weight loss might not be so great with a gastric band, there are several advantages over the other bariatric procedures, making the lap band cost better value still. For instance, you will enjoy a shorter hospital stay with a lap band and your overall recovery will be quicker, allowing you to return to your usual activities sooner than with a gastric bypass or sleeve. Additionally, a gastric band carries a lower risk of mortality and you do not have to worry about potential nutrient deficiencies as can occur with a gastric bypass.

As the cost of a lap band varies between treatment centres, you might be tempted to choose the cheapest option possible. However, not all facilities that offer a gastric band are equal, with the quality of the service varying between clinics. Bearing this in mind it is reassuring to know that when you opt to have the procedure at one of the hospitals offered by the London Obesity Group, your money is well spent, as you can guarantee that you will receive first-rate care before, during and after surgery.

What Does the Lap Band Cost Cover?

If you are contemplating a gastric band, you don’t even need to pay anything for the introductory 15 minute consultation at the London Obesity Group to learn more about surgery for weight loss, which all potential patients receive free of charge. However, once you start the formal process of arranging a lap band, it is reassuring to know that your pre-operative assessments, the procedure itself and your aftercare are all included in the lap band cost quoted to you. Knowing exactly what you will pay from the outset allows you to budget for your operation more effectively, making it even easier to access weight loss surgery.

Lap Band Cost Pays for Itself

Although the costs of obesity for the UK economy are often discussed, how much does a raised BMI cost you as an individual? Research in the United States estimates that if your BMI is over 30, as a women this will set you back an extra £2683 annually, while a man can expect to pay an extra £1553 each year(1). These figures are probably higher than you imagined and as they are averages, the financial implications for some people are even greater. However, when you take into account factors such as reduced earnings due to higher absence rates, earlier retirement and premature death, higher insurance premiums and even greater fuel costs if you are more reliant on your car, it is understandable why obesity is so costly to us as individuals. When you take these financial costs into account, it is possible that you will regain the cost of your gastric band in just a couple of years, and as you will continue to save money with each year that passes, getting a lap band is a cost- effective choice.

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Weight-loss results vary from person to person and is not guaranteed after surgery.