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Sarah Nash, UK


My surgery went perfectly and I can honestly say I was up and walking around the next morning


  • Paid: £8654

After a lot of research and planning, I decided to have a gastric sleeve after struggling with my weight for years. I done some extensive research to find the right surgeon for me and Mr Agrawal’s name kept coming up on top. Everything I kept reading about him was how he is extremely thorough and never has any complications. It was a no brainer I knew straight away I was in safe hands. Since having my sleeve I am extremely impressed and amazed with how well my surgery went and how fast I am recovering. From the moment I stepped into spire hospital, I was treated amazingly by all the staff and made to feel at ease. My surgery went perfectly and I can honestly say I was up and walking around the next morning. I was so surprised at how well I was feeling. Since being at home I have had no issues at all. I was back to feeling my normal self within a few days. I highly recommend Mr Agrawal and his team and I have been so pleasantly surprised buy how smooth my journey has been.

Kerry, Belgium


The care at the hospital was professional, prompt, and caring


It took me 2 years to make the decision to have bariatric surgery. During which time I saved and did some research. The result was that I knew I had to select not just a good surgeon but a good support system to ensure success.

When I picked Mr. Agrawal I got 2 appointments pre-surgery to discuss, what, why, when. This included talking about the general risks and downsides of bariatric surgery to ensure I wasn't going in with rose-tinted glasses. Plus several appts post-surgery to check on progress. I currently have 1 more appointment to go which will be in month 9 post-op. I had a nutritionist was appointed to me, an online support group of Mr. A's bariatric patients who share tips, tricks & traps to help each other through the process and beyond.

I also received a monthly online meeting for Q&A's or sometimes special guests which so far have included as a psychologist 1 month and a pharmacist another month. Letters were sent to my local GP throughout the process, to ensure they were up to date. Plus the care at the hospital was professional, prompt, and caring.

The anaesthetist spent time listening to my medical history & adapted what he did to ensure it worked for me. 1 nurse looped arms with me as I went down for surgery because she could see I was nervous. Another checked beforehand if I had ever had a particular procedure before and talked me through it beforehand, plus she was so gentle.

So yes I can recommend them with Mr. Agrawal via the Harley Street Obesity Clinic.

Hannah, UK


I couldn't be happier with the results and feel so much healthier


  • Paid: £8600

Fantastic experience with Dr Agrawal. I was sleeved on Sept 16th having been overweight for years and tried every diet and healthy eating fad going. I had excellent advice from Dr Agrawal, he was not pushy at all and very realistic about the pros and cons of the surgery. Throughout the process, he has always been very approachable and continues to support me a few months down the line. I couldn't be happier with the results and feel so much healthier and more in control of what I eat. The Spire East London was an excellent hospital in every respect from the comfort of my stay to the very experienced and supportive hospital staff. I did a great deal of research before making this huge decision to be sleeved and I wouldn't have done it with any other surgeon.

Craig Davies, UK


I cannot recommend him and his team enough


With my health suffering due to my weight, and not being able to shift the weight partly due to my ill health, I decided I needed an intervention, and bariatric surgery seemed to tick the box.

On the recommendation of another, I looked up the surgeon they used and started to do my homework on Dr. Sanjay Agrawal (Mr. A). Having been pleased with what I read, I booked my first consultation.

I wanted to have the gastric sleeve. It was clear at this point that it was not going to be easy. I thought that being a 'paying customer' I would have no barriers, but it was clear that Mr. A is not someone to take your money and perform the surgery unless it is RIGHT and SAFE for you.

Suffering with sleep apnoea, I was told that without a complete heart m.o.t. Mr. A and his aneasthetist would not be happy to operate. I paid privately for the tests and came back with the results which were good enough to proceed. I was told however that a condition of them doing the surgery was the location it was to be performed at had to have ERU/ICU (extended recovery or intensive care) within.

My preferred location of the Rivers in Herts didn't have this, so I had to look elsewhere finally settling on the Spire East, London as this was the second nearest to me and had the ERU required. However, even then, after the second consultation, Mr. A made it clear that I would have a 3-week liver reduction plan to follow (LRD), and if I did not lose a significant amount of weight prior to surgery the surgery could be in doubt.

I followed the plan to a T. I lost the weight and the surgery was completed. What with isolation (2 weeks) and some issues in the week leading up to the surgery (I had to re-attend as my first covid test was inconclusive, and then re-attend again as one of my blood tests 'failed'), it was quite a stressful second week, but once admitted and happy it was going ahead I was excited.

The hospital stay was for 2 nights, the room was comfortable and the staff within were pleasant. Mr. A is an absolute gentleman. He is so understanding, speaks to you in layman's terms, and is clear from the off around risk, and expectation. I am just over 2 weeks post-op as I write, feeling amazing, and have already lost a significant amount of weight.

I cannot recommend him and his team enough, and have actually recommended him to a friend who has already had her first consultation with him! It's a lot to take in, and ultimately an expensive solution, but what price can you put on living longer.? This was the way I looked at it in the end, I truly believe Mr. A has given me this opportunity, and am and will be eternally grateful for taking me on.

Sarah wilsher, UK


At 12 weeks post-op, I have lost 5 stone and regained control of my life


  • Paid: £8765

Mr Agrawal is an honest and knowledgeable surgeon. I did lots of research to find him and I was very happy with my choice. From the outset Mr A ensured I felt empowered to make my own decision and supported that with his vast knowledge as a master Bariatric surgeon.

The care from his team has been wonderful and I can honestly say that this man has changed my life. At 12 weeks post-op, I have lost 5 stone and regained control of my life. It has not been a walk in the park and Mr A makes sure that you work with “your tool” to get the best outcome.

I have no problem with recommending him and his team to anyone interested in having weight loss surgery. Thank you Mr Agrawal

Mary, UK


I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family


Dr. Agrawal is an incredible professional that ensures that you are fully prepared and realistic about your surgery. I felt safe and reassured throughout my journey with him, the procedure (gastric sleeve) went smoothly with no complications and the results were wonderful! I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

Dawn Lamacraft, UK


This operation really has changed my life, I feel a lot healthier & more confident


I booked a consultation with Dr Agrawal to discuss having a gastric sleeve operation to help me lose weight, I had spent years dieting, I would lose a bit then put it all back on plus more and every year I was just getting bigger and bigger, I knew I needed help to lose all the weight and that I wasn’t able to do it on my own, on my first consultation with Dr Agrawal he explained all about the different weight loss surgeries available and gave me information to take home to read, he made sure I 100% knew what risks there could be too, it was scary hearing what could possibly go wrong but it’s the same as any operation, there are always risks, Dr Agrawal makes sure you are 100% informed & 100% sure about your decision, he is the best at what he does and is good value for money too, my stay in the rivers hospital was the best I have experienced, the nurses were very attentive, caring and friendly, same with my follow up appointments. I’m 9 months post-op now and 6th lighter, I have no complications, I can eat anything, just in smaller amounts, I have no regrets whatsoever! This operation really has changed my life, I feel a lot healthier & more confident. Dr Agrawal has given me my life back and would 100% recommend him for bariatric surgery.



I truly felt he was the absolute best in his field, and that proved to be the case throughout


  • Paid: £8645

After doing a lot of research, I decided to opt for VSG with Mr A based on his experience as a Master Surgeon.

I truly felt he was the absolute best in his field, and that proved to be the case throughout my journey. Mr A has a great bedside manner and truly cares for his patients, whilst being open and honest, which is exactly what you need from your surgeon. I was in the best possible hands and would not have changed a thing.

I could not recommend Mr A highly enough!

Alexandra Athienitou, UK


The surgery went smoothly and I have had no issues - just positives


  • Paid: £8500

I had a sleeve gastrectomy in October 2020 with Mr Agrawal and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. The care and advice from Mr Agrawal were second to none, he explained everything clearly and concisely and managed my expectations. The surgery went smoothly and I have had no issues - just positives. I’m so happy that I chose Mr Agrawal for this surgery.

Georgia, UK


I had a brilliant experience with this clinic and the aftercare has been great


Brilliant team and level of care. Could not fault them. I had a brilliant experience with this clinic and the aftercare has been great.

Sula, UK


I am now a nearly 6 stone lighter


I had gastric sleeve surgery at the end of August 2020 and I am now a nearly 6 stone lighter. The process with Mr Agrawal and his team have been so smooth from start to finish. Mr Agrawal is extremely honest, factual and clear when discussing the surgery and ensures you are aware of all the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision in your own time when you feel ready. The aftercare is outstanding with fantastic care and support throughout. The nurses at Rivers hospital really are amazing and nothing is too much trouble. I still have some way to go but I am so happy with my results and aftercare. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr Agrawal and his wonderful team to anyone who is looking into this procedure.

Catherine H, UK


I felt supported and never pressured into going ahead


I was recommended to Mr Agrawal by a friend who had undergone Gastric Band surgery and I am so glad I made the appointment to meet with him. Mr Agrawal took the time to explain the different options available to me, the process and the procedure and was always available to answer any questions that I had along the way.

When I met Mr Agrawal I had not made my mind up about which surgery to have but he took the time to explain the risks and the benefits of each and we agreed that a gastric band was the most appropriate and I agree 2.5 years on that it was the right decision. Being able to adjust the band if required, if I am struggling to eat, losing weight too quickly, not fast enough then I can easily book an appointment to have it adjusted which just isn't an option with the other surgeries.

In all of the conversations leading up to the surgery, I felt supported and never pressured into going ahead, in fact, he helped me to rationalise why I wanted to have the surgery in the first place and what life would be like afterwards.

My experience with Rivers Hospital has been extremely positive. The staff are professional, friendly and specialist in what they do. I have had several appointments both prior to and since my surgery and I have never had a bad experience.

Rivers Hospital is over an hour from my home and I could have undergone the surgery much closer to home but the service and support that I have received from Mr Agrawal and the team have been second to none and I would recommend anyone that is looking to have gastric surgery to do your research, visit the hospital and meet the consultant and check that you are comfortable before booking.

Mr Agrawal and his team put me at ease straight away and I have zero regrets about having my surgery with him at this hospital.

Lynne, UK


I would certainly choose him again, knowing what I know now


Gastric Sleeve by Mr Agrawal. Excellent service by Mr Agrawal, very friendly, puts you at ease and is extremely factual explaining the highs and the lows of the operation in great detail so that you can make a fully informed decision. His follow up care is exceptional and I would highly recommend Mr Agrawal to anyone considering surgery. I would certainly choose him again, knowing what I know now.

Chelsea Farr, UK


30 kilos lighter I can honestly say this is the best decision of my life


  • Paid: £7300

Where to begin on my weight loss journey.

I decided after so many long discussions and thoughts with my husband about WLS to take the plunge and meet with a DR to discuss different options. I come across Dr Agrawal through the internet and after doing a lot of research on himself I decided I would like to go ahead and meet him for a consultation. From the very first phone call with his assistant to the day of surgery Dr Agrawal made me feel happy in my decision. He is a Dr so nothing he said was under false pretences he was very upfront and honest with me about everything to do with this surgery the pros and cons and the risks that come with surgery. As honest as he was this only made me feel safer with having him as my Dr I had my surgery at Rivers hospital and OMG to how amazing everybody was. No matter how nervous I felt there was a nurse there to take your mind off.

After surgery, I couldn't have been looked after better. Aftercare was amazing and 6 months out after gastric sleeve and 30 kilos lighter I can honestly say this is the best decision of my life. It was not the easiest decision and every different stage of this journey brings a new challenge but they are all worth it for the end result. Dr Agrawal is still always there if needed and I have seen him twice since surgery and also spoke to Liz the nutritionist twice since although I am sure If I needed her more she would be there with great advice. There is also a wonderful Facebook support group which is great for people that have had surgery and for people thinking about it.

I hope this review helps anyone that is about to take this journey as I read many reviews when I was beginning my journey and everyone helped me in my decision.

Faye Hirst, UK


My care at all stages was second to none


  • Paid: £7800

My experience with Mr Agrawal has been exceptional. On detailed advice on all of the pros and cons of any bariatric surgery, I decided to have the gastric sleeve procedure. This was to help me regain control of my weight and health, and I believed Mr Agrawal was the best surgeon to help me with this.

Mr Agrawal’s requirements are strict but I was happy to comply to get the best results. I had very little discomfort after the procedure and the recovery time after the operation was very quick.

The results I have had at now three months post-op have been amazing and I am very happy with my decision to have surgery. I have used the Rivers Hospital on several occasions for other procedures, so I felt happy and confident to use them again. My care at all stages was second to none.

Sarah Walmsley, UK


My journey has been so smooth


  • Paid: £7999

I had a gastric sleeve completed by Mr Agrawal in Oct 2020. From the get-go, Mr A was very informative and helpful with any questions I had. He doesn't try to sell the operation to you and makes sure you know all the risks involved, but my journey has been so smooth and I honestly believe it is down to the fact he is amazing at what he does. I'm so happy I had him as my surgeon!

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