Weight-loss results vary from person to person and is not guaranteed after surgery.
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The Risks of Obesity Surgery

Weight loss surgery can be very beneficial for your health, but there are always some risks involved when you have an operation. If you are thinking about having laparoscopic surgery at the London obesity clinic you should make sure that you understand the risks as well as the benefits of the procedure.

Surgical Complications

The laparoscopic surgery techniques used at the London clinic help to minimise the risk of complications. The smaller incisions that are made during laparoscopic surgery mean that there is a lower risk of infection. However, there is still a small chance that the surgical wound could become infected, particularly if you fail to follow the instructions for keeping the incision sites clean.

Other complications can also occur after laparoscopic surgery in London although the risk of these more serious side effects is even lower. There is a small chance that you could experience some internal bleeding or develop a blood clot after the operation. Heavy bleeding or clots that block blood vessels in your legs or lungs could cause serious problems, so it is important to be aware of any symptoms such as pain, swelling, faintness or breathlessness.

Other Complications After Weight Loss Surgery

It can take longer for some of the other possible complications of the laparoscopic surgery to appear. Having weight loss surgery can cause some people to develop gallstones, which are most likely to appear about 10 months after the operation. Gallstones might not cause any symptoms, but they can cause pain, nausea or jaundice if they become trapped.

Another longer term complication is that some people can develop a food intolerance after having weight loss surgery. This can happen many years after the procedure. If you notice that you feel sick after eating certain types of foods, it could be that your body is no longer able to tolerate them. Avoiding the trigger should make you feel better, but you might want to talk to your doctor about your diet.

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Weight-loss results vary from person to person and is not guaranteed after surgery.