Weight-loss results vary from person to person and is not guaranteed after surgery.
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Tips For Healthy Eating After Weight Loss Surgery

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland or monotonous. Although you’ll have to be careful about what you are eating after weight loss surgery, you will still be able to enjoy your meals. You should be able to come up with plenty of interesting dishes that will suit your diet, but if you need a bit more inspiration here are a few tricks to making healthy eating more interesting.


Fun Tips for Healthy Eating

1) Aim for variety: having lots of different tastes, textures and colours can make your healthy diet more interesting.

2) Experiment: there are lots of healthy foods out there that can be incorporated into your meal plans, so look for recipes from different parts of the world or try a new fruit or vegetable that you haven’t seen before.

3) Swap your ingredients: substitute good ingredients for bad ones to make your favourite dishes healthier. Look for low fat dairy products or vegetarian alternatives like soya and quorn. You might be surprised by how good it tastes.

4) Add some extra flavour: herbs and spices can add a burst of flavour, without overloading you with fat, salt and calories. However, be careful about adding too much heat with your spices, as this could upset your digestion after bariatric surgery.

Changing the way that you eat can also help you to enjoy your new diet more. Sitting down at the table to eat and taking plenty of time to appreciate your meals can make a big difference, particularly if you are joined by friends or family. You might also want to try listening to music, eating outside when the weather is good, or making mealtimes more interesting by picking foods that have to be eaten in different ways. Why not try eating with chopsticks, having finger foods for a change, or arranging a healthy barbecue? There are as many ways to eat healthy food as there are to eat badly.

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Weight-loss results vary from person to person and is not guaranteed after surgery.