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What Will Your Skin Look Like After Weight Loss Surgery?

Bariatric surgery can have a dramatic effect on your appearance, but in addition to helping you lose weight it can also affect your skin. You should discuss these effects, which typically include scarring and sagging, with your doctor at the weight loss clinic in London.

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Why Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Choosing the right type of weight loss surgery is important as it will determine what happens to your body during and after the procedure. Several different types of obesity surgery are available in the UK, including gastric bands, gastric bypasses and gastric sleeve surgery. Read on to learn more about why choosing gastric sleeve surgery could be a good idea.

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What is Obesity?

Obesity is a word that we hear a lot in the media, but many of us are unclear on what exactly this word means. We all know that obesity refers to being overweight and carrying excess fat, but some of us tend to underestimate how much fat it takes to make a person obese, while others will overestimate it. If you are considering bariatric surgery in London, you will need to meet the medical definition of obesity. Read More

Exercising After Obesity Surgery

Eating well isn’t the only way to improve your health after your obesity surgery in London. Exercise also has a role to play and getting active can actually be one of the most enjoyable benefits of losing weight. Read More

The Risks of Obesity Surgery

Weight loss surgery can be very beneficial for your health, but there are always some risks involved when you have an operation. If you are thinking about having laparoscopic surgery at the London obesity clinic you should make sure that you understand the risks as well as the benefits of the procedure. Read More

More Young People are Morbidly Obese

There are more and more young people aged 25 and younger who are morbidly obese, suffering from its complications and in danger of an early death, leading some professionals in the field criticizing society’s dismal failure at addressing the issue. Lack of exercise, junk foods, too much fructose and other sugars and largely sedentary lifestyle are some of the reasons why the weight of young people has skyrocketed.

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Choosing the Right Surgical Procedure for Obesity

If you and your doctor have decided that bariatric surgery is right for you, there are several different surgical procedures for obesity that could help you to manage your weight. Although all three procedures work by reducing your appetite and restricting the amount of food you can eat, they do this in very different ways. It is important to find out all about the risks and benefits of each procedure so that you can choose the option that will suit you best.

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