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Tips to Keep the Weight Off

If you have worked hard to achieve our target weight, the last thing you want to happen is for your weight to start increasing again. In order to maintain your weight loss, it is essential to see the changes youve made as a permanent shift in your lifestyle.

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What Is Restriction And How Does It Help You To Lose Weight?

One of the terms that you will hear frequently when you are considering weight loss surgery is restriction. It is an important effect of procedures such as gastric band, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery that can help you to lose weight.

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The Importance of Sleep for Weight Loss

Eating well and exercising are essential for weight loss after your bariatric surgery in London, but there is another secret ingredient that can have a big impact on your success: sleep. Read More

Tips For Healthy Eating After Weight Loss Surgery

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland or monotonous. Although you’ll have to be careful about what you are eating after weight loss surgery, you will still be able to enjoy your meals. You should be able to come up with plenty of interesting dishes that will suit your diet, but if you need a bit more inspiration here are a few tricks to making healthy eating more interesting. Read More

Why High Fat Diets Are Worse For Men

We’ve known for a long time that eating too much fat is bad for us. It can make us gain weight and put us at risk of heart disease. However, recent research has shown that a high fat diet could also increase the chances of developing type 2 diabetes, particularly for men. Read More

Are You Really Sticking to Your Diet?

Dieting can be hard, even after your treatment at the weight loss clinic in London. Bariatric surgery can reduce your appetite or restrict how much you can eat, but you still need to stick to a strict diet. The support you get before and after the operation can help, by advising you on the right diet and exercise routine. However, the amount of weight that you lose after surgery will depend on how well you follow this plan.

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