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Tackling Obesity in the UK

Obesity is a very common problem in the UK. Procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery are also becoming more popular as many of us struggle to lose weight without medical help. However, the government is taking steps to try to tackle this widespread problem and help us to live healthier lives.

New Obesity Plan

The government is currently considering regulation that could restrict junk food advertising before 9pm in order to limit the influence on children. The plan could also prevent retailers from selling unhealthy products with special offers such as buy one get one free. The changes have the support of all the major parties, so there is a good chance that they will soon be introduced. Although it is easy to dismiss these kinds of efforts and to believe that they will have no impact on us, the evidence suggests that they can really work. Implementing this new obesity plan could help to create an environment in which it is easier to make healthy choices about our diet. It could prevent young people from becoming obese and make it easier for those of us who are having procedures like gastric sleeve surgery.

Helping Us Make Healthy Choices

Everything around us has an impact on our feelings and the choices we make. If everyone around you is eating cake, it is much harder for you to make the healthy choice and stick to salad. Changing the way unhealthy products are presented to us can therefore make us more or less likely to choose them. If we see the adverts less often and have to pay more for sugary, fatty foods, it can be much easier to avoid them with or without procedures like gastric sleeve surgery. Anything that makes it easier for us to stick to a healthy diet can help us to lose weight, although it will still take plenty of willpower to keep making the right choices./p>