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The Importance of Sleep for Weight Loss

Eating well and exercising are essential for weight loss after your bariatric surgery in London, but there is another secret ingredient that can have a big impact on your success: sleep.


Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Although we don’t yet understand exactly how sleep affects your weight, research has shown that people who aren’t getting enough sleep are more likely to be obese. Sleeping too much can also affect your metabolism. Most people should aim for about eight hours of sleep a night, although some people need a bit less or more. It’s important to find the amount that’s right for you and to get to bed at a time that feels right. Getting good quality sleep after your bariatric surgery in London is also important, so make sure that you have a comfortable bed in a dark, peaceful room at the right temperature. You should feel re-energized in the morning and ready to wake without having to be forced up by your alarm.

Eating Well When You’re Out of Energy

Ensuring that you get enough rest should improve your health and help you to lose weight. It can also ensure that you’re making better choices about what you eat. When we’re feeling physically or emotionally drained, we tend to reach for unhealthy, sugar-filled choices to give ourselves an energy boost. Although the best way to avoid this is by getting more sleep, there will always be occasions when you’re feeling tired after you’ve had your bariatric surgery at the London clinic. Fatigue is particularly common when you are on a restricted diet as you won’t be getting as much energy from your food. It’s a good idea to have some healthy snacks at home for these occasions, along with some frozen meals that you can heat up when you don’t have the energy to cook. A nutritious meal that releases energy slowly should make you feel much better than a sudden sugar rush.